When I was in my interfaith seminary program in New York City that began in 2006, I fell in love with Gloria Karpinski’s writings from her book “Barefoot on Holy Ground: Twelve Lessons in Spiritual Craftsmanship” which was required reading by us initiates in the program.  At some point, after my required reading, I had written down a list of criteria that gave me a mirror for where I was on this path of becoming one of “The New Disciples” she was describing at the onset of her book, which I found to be intriguing.  These new disciples were the ones who were walking the face of the earth in current times today versus the early days of the start up of Christianity. It was a refreshing look at what defines a disciple of “The Way” of a spiritually lived life in this day and time. This is what she said:

A disciple is:

1.) . . . one who recognizes, commits to, and is obedient to the promptings of his or her spiritual imperative and chooses to bring that consciousness into every aspect of life.

2.)  . . . self-Responsible.

3.)  . . . always in the process of growing and choosing to shape their personalities / lives to serve their spiritual intentions.

4.)  . . . open, flexible and teachable.

5.)  . . . inclusive in their worldview and dedicated to participating in the healing of planetary challenges.

6.)  . . . one who commits.

7.)  . . . one who is identified by their “being” and not necessarily by their “doing”.

8.)  . . . one who calls forth the positive and good in every circumstance.

9.)  . . . one who disciplines their resources one by one: body, mind, emotions, thoughts, careers, finances.

10.)  . . . someone who has matured in consciousness from “saving the world” to “serving the world.”

11.)  . . . one who grows freer by their ability to hear and obey their inner guidance (action) versus being ruled by an outer authority (now owning one’s life-authorship).

12.)  . . . one who experiences “initiatory passages”.

13.)  . . . one who knows that every single road and footpath—even the detours—have been necessary to get “here” to one’s place as a disciple.

14.)  . . . one who “knows thyself” or is on the journey of discovering this.

15.)  . . . one who develops themselves and discovers their life tasks along the way, eventually moving into serving in those areas.

Upon my initial awakening experience back in the early 1980’s I found myself naturally being drawn into developing myself in these ways. It was a long journey that I was guided by my internal Higher Source to take as I learned to awaken and choose to live my life on purpose, and become a disciple of the source of my being, which is to also say: live the highest version of myself.  I’m still on that journey today, and know that it will continue on into eternity. In rereading this the other day, I see how much I’ve grown and where I still have to go to continue to evolve and balance my life for my good and the good of all.                  Wishing you all, my sisters and brothers, a continued journey of life unfolding in wondrous ways that evolve and grow you!           Blessings ~ Patty Lynn Kyle