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Talk Title:· Strength and it’s different meanings to me!
Music: Ken Johnson will complement the talk with timely musical selections.

Unity Spiritual Center of Woodstock invites you to attend Sunday Services in person. Based on the recent CDC recommendations, any individual who has been vaccinated and passed the waiting period is at a low risk for infection or transmission for the COVID-19 virus. Due to this development, the USCW board will align its policy likewise and approve all vaccinated individuals to resume activities in the facility without social distancing or masking. If symptoms appear, we urge you to get tested and self-quarantine for the safety of your fellow congregates and families.

Those who are not vaccinated are strongly encouraged to continue following safe practices (wearing a mask and social distancing). The USCW board anticipates that everyone will follow the guidelines set forth here using the honor system and will respect those who choose to continue masking.

We will continue the live streaming of our Sunday Services via Facebook Live Unity Spiritual Center Woodstock Facebook Page on Sundays at 10 a.m. OR you can watch the Facebook Live recording later.  Please visit us on Facebook for additional positive messages throughout the week.

Share your thoughts with us and join in a brief discussion held in the sanctuary or on  Zoom following the service!

Meeting ID: 248 369 4463
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