Christ Mind Study Group

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When: 2nd & 4th Saturday mornings: 10:00 – 11:30 am
Where: Unity Spiritual Center of Woodstock – Power (Room) and remotely online
Study Book: The Way of Mastery by the Shanti Christo Foundation

The Christ Mind Study Group is a Unity-based Study Group – In a safe, joyful and encouraging environment, join us in a spiritual, metaphysical study of the teachings of Jesus, based on the life changing book, Way of Mastery, produced by the Shanti Christo Foundation, that declares we can all discover, claim and powerfully express the inherent divinity we are.

You are welcome to join anywhere along the schedule, meaning you don’t need to start from the beginning to join in the fun; each chapter is independent and stands alone. You will be provided with access to weekly video recordings to support your study of this incredible book. These video recordings feature amazingly insightful talks from Jayem, the original author of this book.

About the book:
This book contains the extraordinary and transformational teachings of Jeshua, the person we all know as ‘Jesus’, who speaks not as a savior above us, but as our brother and our friend to gently and lovingly guide us to remember the Truth of our being. The 35 lessons in this book are a pathway to forgiveness, self-love and the acceptance of the perfection of each moment and are designed to return the mind to holiness – wholeness. Jeshua speaks to every aspect of living in the world as Christ. With practicality, humor, and loving direction, He points the way to the correction of every belief and perception that would keep us from knowing our perfect union with God. The only question left to be asked is: How much of God can you receive and then extend to the world?

Study Group Testimonials:

 The Christ Mind Study group is an important part of my spiritual practice. The materials we study and discuss, are an ongoing reminder to me of the Spiritual Truth, that the Christ spirit is within me (and everyone) and is accessible always.  Through connecting to the Love, that is God within me, I can express that Christ presence in my life. MPW

 I am so enjoying the Christ Mind study group!  The lessons learned are for everyday life.  I love incorporating this into my life so I can continue to evolve.  There are many teachings available to us and for some reason this one sticks with me.  I love it! Eileen

 I so appreciate our wonderful study group, and the incredibly brilliant teachings of Jesus presented in the Way of Mastery. I feel blessed for these teachings showing up in my life, and for their profound effect in my healing journey, to transcend pain and negative thoughts, leading me to more peace and freedom. Namaste! Rina

Purchase of the book is not required: You will have online access to audio and text of the book.

Suggested Love Offering: $10

Study Group Host & Tour Guide: Rina, contact her at

The Way of Mastery
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