Unity Sober Paint Party!

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We are having a Unity Sober Paint Party!
We’re planning a fun 3 hour painting class called:
Paint Sober
(Painting without the influence of alcohol)
Facilitated by:
Katie Sherman
You can get to know her a bit more here:
Hello! I’m the originator of Canvas & Clarity, a Sober Paint n’ Sip Recreational Outreach. My objective is to encourage people to express themselves creatively while not under the influence of alcohol or substances. It’s to demonstrate to others that being sober can be enjoyable too! It is to enhance people in the community, aid those suffering from addiction, & save lives in a pleasant way by educating others about addiction/mental health awareness.
I’m a recovering alcoholic/addict myself, and I’ve been sober since August 26, 2017. I’d like to help others by providing an AF outlet for those that need it. Throughout my sobriety I worried that I wouldn’t be able to attend certain events due to the presence of alcohol or drugs. I started working for Paint n’ Sip franchisees as an art instructor for entertainment events at the end of 2019. I honestly did it for the love of art, not for the drinking culture.
I’ve been doing art since I was approximately 5 years old, & I’m now 31 years old; it’s my passion, & I’d like to share it with others. I got to thinking about how much the sober community misses out on Paint n’ Sips’ joy. As a result, I decided to create a side business as a sober paint & sip entertainment. After a few weeks, what began as a side gig turned into a full-fledged company. It evolved into something more than a pastime; it became a way of life. It evolved into much more than a recreational sport; it evolved into a recreational outreach for my town & beyond.
In addition, I have marketed my company to assist the queer community, domestic violence victims, sex abuse survivors, people with disabilities, people with mental illnesses, & people who are homeless. I have everything you’ll need for my activities; all you have to do is show up & have a good time!
My goal for my company is to bring hope, healing, & fun to people who come.
Cost: $30.00
Mark your calendars and join us on May 7th. 9am-12. All supplies are included in the cost.
Kids as well as adults are welcome to come and costs are adjusted to age groups.
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