Like the layers of an onion that start on the outer surface and go all the way deep inside to its core, our life and our living of it are layered in similar fashion from the surface of our being all the way deep into our own core.  We can be living on the surface of our life everyday . . . living the similar life we’ve always lived, namely a lot of preconditioning from our past and the way we learned to perceive our outer world early on through the eyes of those who raised us: parents, teachers, caregivers, our friends and peers who all received the same or similar conditioning as they grew up and matured.

Those early life experiences prescribed to us the way life should be, and we bought into it because, well, it was the thing to do and we wanted to fit in and we wanted to survive and be accepted by our circles of family, friends, and peers, and it was the way things were done. Now, currently in our outer world, many people from many walks of life are waking up to something deeper and more life-giving. They are claiming their divine path into a deeper way of living from their core that is awakening them into abundant living.

Our own entry into a deeper way of living life will, in part, depend on our ability to move out of the box of our preconditioned life—the known—into something unknown that takes us into a new experience of life that is expanding, enriching, and abundant with new life. We can leave our outer surface everyday living and begin living from a deeper place within.

So how does one take a step in this direction? By going within and exploring your inner world. By connecting to your own innate inner Guidance and developing a deep relationship and partnership with it.  By developing “self-observation.”  By finding and recovering your frozen parts of yourself when you experienced a negative wounding event and then bring about the inner release and transformation so needed.  By observing and uncovering your preconditioned beliefs that no longer serve you and are actually holding you back from having a new experience of life. By consciously taking that journey deep within to explore and expand your inner world you will then, in tandem, expand your outer world experience too.

As we practice daily connecting to our inner Guidance, we quite naturally equip ourselves with the tools to sharpen our awareness and be guided into the inner realm where all answers are found and “The Way” is revealed.  Awakening “aha” moments occur, and inspiration and confirming synchronicities abound. This leads us into a richer and more abundant way of living than the daily “prescribed life” that we most likely were taught early on.  We begin to free ourselves up to live a more expanded version of life with the   God in us moving in and through us.

Once you get a taste of this deeper experiential way of living—this “direct connect” partnership with your higher Guidance where you do not live life alone—the everyday surface living becomes undesirable, and you want more of this new way, more of the partnership that guides and directs you into the deeper life experiences that enrich life. It is through this practice of going within and continuously connecting daily, then applying the answers you receive to your outer living, that life begins to move you into more abundant ways of living and it will eventually lead you to whatever your soul came here to experience and create.

Blessings on the journey.    – Patty Lynn Kyle