Eric Butterworth says “Metaphysical thinking is not programming the mind with positives.  It’s waking up the mind to the deep underlying positive, which is the Truth of your being. You are the creative expression of this infinite process.”  To me this means that there is more to creating your best life than reciting affirmations.  The magic is in the KNOWING.

This was a great awakening for me!  I’ve been affirming things since I joined the Unity movement.  I affirm this, I affirm that.  Yet I haven’t put much thought into what I’m feeling when I’m in affirmation mode.  Am I affirming because I truly believe it or am I affirming as an abracadabra move?

I’m a doer, I get things done, I make things happen!  This serves me in countless ways yet sometimes I believe my frantic “doing” is actually an act of desperation which, in itself  IS an affirmation of lack!  If I JUST keep plugging away I will get where I want to go.  If I do things this way or that way.  What do I need to do?!?

Well the first thing I need to do is make room to LET things happen.  This is done by getting centered in the knowing that the universe is always working in my favor.  I AM unlimited potential!  Once I’m in a calm, centered state of true self I can make decisions from that place rather than a place of anxiety.  This may seem like common sense, but I have to remind myself of this truth all the time.

I believe that my obsession with “doing” works for me and that just sitting back and waiting for things to happen isn’t the answer.  There’s a difference between “letting” and “waiting!”  Waiting is passive and takes no action on my part.  LETTING is going about my business, doing what is mine to do and being open to the infinite possibilities that are present.  It means BELIEVING that what I am working toward (or something even better) is there and will manifest in divine timing.  Not without effort, but without pressure.  The key word here is “obsession.”  When my mind is on a super tunnel vision of my goal I may be whizzing right by an easy off ramp.

Balance for me is the key.  I will keep doing and I will make room for letting.  As I “do” I will check in with my emotions, how I’m feeling about what I’m doing.  If I find myself feeling frantic I will take just a moment to get centered in the knowing that all of the good in the universe is available to me.  I AM infinite, creative potential.

Affirmations had become another thing to “do” as opposed to opening a door to “letting” the good in.  I’ve been affirming in my head, which is a good place to start,  but now it’s time to move those affirmations to my heart, my soul, my feelings, my knowing.

For years I’ve been affirming a Lake house for myself and my husband.  We came close a couple of years ago but things fell through.  I was crushed at the time.  I had a plan of how we were going to live until retirement and it all came tumbling down like a house of cards.  Now we have an even better plan.  It’s a plan that we wouldn’t even be able to consider had that house of cards stayed standing.  I realize now that the weeks and months of feeling crushed, discouraged and frustrated were a total waste of energy.  I am now grateful for the opportunities that this event has opened up for us.  I’ve witnessed this lesson several times in my life.  Maybe it’s time I LEARN it.

Having faith that all is in divine order is easy to say (affirm), for me it’s time to feel it.  As I thought about what it is, specifically, that I hope to receive from a house on the lake I realized it is a sense of calm.  It is a feeling and I can have that right now, right where I am.  All I have to do is let it happen.  In fact I can’t even make calm happen I can ONLY let calm happen.  So I will keep doing what is mine to do in a calm, joyful way and let the good come to me in whatever form it takes.  And I will be grateful.      ~ Mary Loughman