This past Sunday during our “Church Chat” following the service many important things were discussed about opportunities for each one of us to personally consider for a role we may choose to fill, or for our Center at large to bring more “Life” into it and make it a place where many will come and participate in the beauty and inspiration for growth that we are creating here. If you missed the “chat” you can still assist by giving someone on our church board your inspired ideas or by signing up on the poster provided in Fellowship where you can become a part of a committee to assist with the new website build, marketing our Unity to build our presence in the community we reside in, being a part of the welcoming committee or a wedding committee, and then any weekly tasks available that would spread the many jobs that our Trisha Alexander did before her time ended in her various roles in December.

I know from past journeys through life that when I take on new opportunities for having new outer life experiences, the more I progress in my inner development with an increase in my skill levels and ability, my self-confidence and self-empowerment, my wisdom and higher understanding, and my ability to role model this for others. It’s a win-win situation all around. I win by my progress in growth, and our Unity Spiritual Center–my home away from home that I love–and my “second family” comprised of Unity members and friends benefits too.

We are on a “Journey of Great Change” at Unity right now. We have all sorts of exciting possibilities that are coming out of the Ethers of Inspiration and into possible manifestation in the near future if we so choose to implement them. Here’s just one idea that was brought forward at our church chat: the Pachamama Symposium that we could host at our Center and market over several months beforehand to draw in public participation as well as possible new members. You can find out all about it at . This is an amazing story of two worlds coming together to bring the change that needs to happen in order to ensure our planet is still thriving for future generations to come . . . for your grandchildren and mine. I hope you will take a few minutes to look at what it’s all about and how this could bring positive change to the world. It’s a wonderful story, and it’s all about the higher principles of unity and working together. Namaste.

by Patricia Kyle