I love Unity. I love the people. I love the experience. I love the energy that we all create there. Unity is like this waterfall and the color of the green moss on this rock. It is alive and fresh and moving, never stagnant, never quite the same from week to week. There is always something new to hear, new to consider, new to experience. I can grow in this place called Unity, and be supported in that growth by those who are of like mind. Unity is a safe place to come to every Sunday, and I know that I will be accepted and appreciated just the way that I am. I am uplifted by the experience, the words, the music and the warmth of all who greet me. I’ve never known a place quite like this before I found Unity . . . or possibly it found me. Unity blessings are there every Sunday. I find that I don’t want to miss a single one.

by Patricia Kyle