Soul Questions for the New Year of 2020 . . .

What is your next step for your Self-unfolding process in this new year and new decade of 2020? What is “up” for you and knocking on your inner door?  What element is missing, if any, from having a firm foundation as a spiritual sojourner, and what would strengthen it so that you can step forward into new life experience with even more of your truest version of yourself? What could you clear or let go of that would set you free?

Can you look back on 2019 and see where you made progress, how you have grown? How would you describe to yourself the gains you have made? Re-member them fully and own them.  Take time to honor yourself for how you succeeded, and celebrate these wonderful empowering changes that came as a result!

Now, what is the next thing in line for you to focus on in this year of 2020 so that this progress can continue?  What is your next growth challenge? How will you do it?  Will you seek assistance?  Will you take a course that calls to you?  Will you call on your inner Guidance Team to show you the way?

Will you step into your passion—that one thing which brings you alive, and find a way to live this in this year of 2020.  Take a breath. Release. Another breath. Release. Now get ready for a wonderful adventure of self-empowering change.

Blessings on the journey fellow travelers!

Patty Lynn