Unity of Woodstock is being transformed. Like many of us who do self-transformation work and become renewed into new life, our sanctuary has been transformed and renewed into something new and truly remarkable bringing to us new life experiences. The colors, so carefully and skillfully chosen, are uplifting and soft and beautiful, creating an energy effect that enhances the music, the speakers, the singing bowls and meditations, and the overall experience of this space in which we gather. And the new matching sound panels and carpeting throughout this grand room with its beautiful dome ceiling create an acoustical buffer that seems to bring us together in a more intimate experience of each other’s heart and love like never before. If you haven’t experienced our new space in person, I invite you to come, even if you’ve never been here in this place before. You will be welcomed with a smile and an open heart. And if you’ve been away for awhile, know that you’ve been missed, and that we’d love to see you again.

So many of us are greatly appreciative of the many talents and time that our group of people at Unity gave in completing this project, as well as those who came in from the outside to do some of the professional work. We are in love with our newly renewed Unity sanctuary.

Is it possible for a sanctuary to receive the Unity Blessing? Let’s try it:

“We Love you

We Bless you

We appreciate you

We behold the Christ in you

And we affirm the power in you To do great things!”

After all, the power of Creation flows in and through all things. I think it fits!