The day began with that extra hour that comes this time of the year when we turn our clocks back. But there was no extra hour of sleep for me. I had been in a state of receiving guidance every morning for some time, and this morning was no exception. I arose and went into my healing space that I created some years ago when I first came to this home to care for its owner. I had been given the sunroom by him to recreate it into a space to do my healing work that I’d been trained in. Now, with his passing, this home has become mine. My healing room has a beautiful energy that I love to step into for prayers, meditation, chakra yoga, and my work with clients on occasion. In just a short while I would meet my partner Tony here in this very room to share something of great importance that I had recently read. It was something that would break open our hearts and prepare us in a special way for our time together at Unity today, and for the days ahead to come.

After our time of deep sharing and prayers, and breaking our fast at the table, we set out from our little town of Harvard and arrived at Unity in Woodstock on time. Walking into the sanctuary that is currently under a remodeling phase, we saw the half-finished ceiling with it’s new shade of paint . . . the beautiful stamped patterns of the metal now more visible. Soon the music began bringing in the natural flow of loving energy and joy that is so special to this place. Everyone was given a warm welcome by our spiritual leader. A meaningful prayer was shared by one of the prayer chaplains. More inspiring music filled in between those who spoke, and as I was sitting there in the second row up front I began to notice the room was changing as it filled with the outpouring of energy from a lot of open hearts all around me. It was noticeably palpable. I couldn’t help but feel and know that I was in the presence of some very special people–special to me . . . a group of souls who somehow feel like my soul group. And I can see and know that we are all on this life path together . . . caring for and supporting each other, sharing our stories and our challenges, and expressing our best selves with the ease and grace that comes with practice over time as we mature in each other’s presence. I’ve seen these people grow and change in wondrous ways, and I’ve seen their commitment to this, and I’m grateful for it. I’ve seen their inner light shine brighter as a result. It is shining all around me now, and I’m basking in it, and in this loving energy, and the knowing that I’ve found a place where I truly belong, and all these friends that I’m surrounded by are soul family to me. Here is a place where I can continue to grow too. It’s what I’d been longing for for many years, and I know how precious it is to finally have it . . to be here experiencing it.

Guided by spirit on Sundays, I leave my home and come to this place that is home again, and this food for my soul is always here. I am deeply spiritually fed at Unity and transformed in ways that matter to me, to those I love, to my soul family, and to the greater whole of who we are as one. Thank-you Universe for bringing me home.

by Patricia Kyle